Finding spirituality wasn't something I set out to do...

Olivia White

Diploma of Spiritual Counselling

Accredited Hahnemann Healer

Accredited Hahnemann Healing Trainer

Qualified Parenting Coach

Qualified Relationship Counsellor

My spiritual journey began on a trip to India, At the time I  was an HR Manager at a law firm, studying psychology with a dream to become a psychologist. I was achieving my goals, but never feeling fulfilled.  When I arrived in Delhi I met a woman who told me she was in India to find spirituality.  It was in that moment I realised I was there to do the same thing. 

Finding spirituality set my life and career on a new path. I wanted to help people move through negative emotion, to understand themselves and to thrive. I discovered that my ambition of being a psychologist had little room for intuition or spirituality as it relied on the medical model of clinical evidence and testing, not feelings and emotions. So, I embarked on an alternative education.


I am proud to now be a qualified Spiritual Counsellor, Relationship Counsellor, Parenting Coach, Hahnemann Healer and Hahnemann Healing Trainer.

My belief is based on a connection to a greater energy or Spirit. Through this belief system I have the confidence to be who I was born to be, rather than who I had learned to be.

My experiences have made me even more determined and focused to help other people find out who they are, what they want and stand for, and be able to free themselves, to find their purpose and feel fulfilled. 

Insight Spiritual Counselling
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