Services & Prices
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Insight Spiritual Counselling provides emotional healing through counselling,  mediumship readings and energy healing. 

We are located within The Sunny Place, a private, comfortable space that provides the right atmosphere for private reflection and healing.

We offer help and support through Spiritual Counselling, Mediumship Readings, Relationship Counselling and Values Based Coaching to help you understand what is happening in your life, give clarity and provide a way forward. We also offer Hahnemann Healing sessions which can be used alone or together with Spiritual Counselling depending on your preference and needs.

We provide training and accreditation courses in Hahnemann Healing, and hold varied workshops and information sessions throughout the year. 

 - For Hahnemann Healing Practitioner Training  & Accreditation Information click here

Gift Vouchers

If you know someone who is in need or care, nurturing and loving support, the gift of a voucher could be life changing. There is nothing more loving than the gift of emotional healing and support.

Vouchers are available for Hahnemann Healing, Values Based Coaching and Concomitant Healing and Mediumship Readings.  


Mediumship Readings

$150 per 1 hour session  

Spiritual Counselling 

$100 per 1 hour session 

Values Based Coaching 

$230 - package includes Level 1 Personal Harmony Report plus 1 hour coaching session

$380 - package includes Level 1 & 2 Personal Harmony Report plus 1.5 hour coaching sessions 

Hahnemann Healing

$90 per 1 hour session

Concomitant Healing

$55 per 1/2 hour session 

Cancellation Policy 

We ask that you provide us with 24 hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling for any appointments.


We reserve the right to charge for any appointments that are missed or where less than 24 hours notice is provided.